festival  urbinoinacquerello  2017

24-25-26-27 APRIL 2017      4 DAYS / 24 EVENTS/ 271 ARTISTS

The Festival "UrbinoInAcquerello" came to life, by joyful coincidences, in collaboration with Fabriano, where for years the event "FabrianoInAcquerello" takes place.


"UrbinoInAcquerello" Association was born as result of the positive experience of the 2016 Edition.


This new edition of the Urbinate event is characterized by the ample space reserved for freedom in creating open theme works, all united by the use of watercolour techbiques.


The partecipating artists, Italian and from all over the world have sent their works choosing them according to their compassion and culture that are evident in their vision, showing the particular nature of their places.


The heterogeneity in the production of the exhibitors must not give rise to critical concerns, there is not to be searched between these works a movement or a poetic, but instead appreciated the variety of realities, shapes, places and environments, of the subjects.


The many artistic personalities present evidence that the vitality of art and passion shared by man from wherever he comes from and lives; there are the basis of this exhibition the principle fundamental of each over the other colors "the relationship and human dialogue.


Thi principle is manifested especially when the artist is left free to express themselves, the acquerellist technique offers this opportunity: the color is deposited on the bottom of the sheet, "expands and hovers over the other colors" stimulating emotions and intuitions that visitors more sensitive will seize.


The confluence of so many artistic works could take place only Urbino, borthplace of Raffaello, where the landscape which inspired so many painters at all times, has aroused wonder and admiration in those who attended last year, so they could represent in theri works.


The artists, after a few days, will divide and return to their places of origin, convinced of having lived a unique experience to have been able to admire an extraordinary city. Perhaps many of them had heard about but had not had the opportunity to visit it. This year the experience has been renewed and also for many Others.


This festival goes countercurrent, at a time when it is brought to close in their own little world, it offers the opportunity to open an Exchange of opinions and Ideas that can only have positive consequences both culturally and artically for all people who partecipate on, for all middle and high school education, in the area, and the city of Urbino and for his admirable characteristics, deserves an increased visibility.


International Cultural Association "UrbinoInAcquerello"


Aidi Cordella


Antonio Ruggeri