Carla Petrini and Ivani Ranieri are two Brazilian artists, united by friendship and the art of engraving and watercolor for more than 33 years.

Throughout this time the artists have been together in collective projects, exhibitions, studies, discussions and experiments in the field of painting and engraving, in Brazil and abroad, as well as following their individual careers, each in their own way and personal projects.

Celebrating this meeting once again, they join the curatorship of the Brazilian artists group for the Urbino in Acquerello 2018 Festival.


Md. Kauser Hossain Is a creative mastermind who was born in 20th October 1973 and  has been working in different medias   of art. But among all the other medias of arts his most favorite is watercolor. He has completed his study from BAFA. He had also been to India and Thailand for studying and Diploma Courses. He is the founder of FOCUS BANGLADESH an organization which creates platform for the facility deprived artists. He has been also made the country head of IWS Bangladesh,Country leader of FabrianoInAcquarello, Country Curator of UrbinoinAcquarello, Vice Director, Committee Member and Organizing Committee Deputy Director of 2nd Asian Art Biennale Hong Kong. He has done many exhibitions and biennales in both home and abroad and has got chance to see the art works and masterpieces of the master artists around the world. He has also received many awards from Japan, Nepal ,India and many countries and also got many national level awards. He has performed many demonstrations and workshop in Europe, India, Indonesia and China for the preaching of watercolor. He wants to represent his country, Bangladesh newly to the other countries of the world through his artworks. He has also done may workshop for the promotion of watercolor. He wants to thank all the people who supported him in his journey. He has a dream to establish an art college in the future.



Teng Fei, from Yantai, Shandong,China, has a master’s degree in Arts. He graduated with a Bachelors in Watercolor from the Painting and Art department of Qingdao University (China). He obtained his Master’s degree from the Department of Fine Art in Ludong University (China). His current studies have him studying Art History in Florence University of Italy.


He has engaged himself in the study and creation of watercolor and oil paintings for a period of time.


·     2017. May. Watercolor work ‘Red Memory Series’ was displayed in Italian Urbino International Watercolor Festival and he was invited to give lectures about watercolor.




Sabine Schindler-Marlow

Sabine Schindler-Marlow, Member of IWS Germany country board

Born in Wuppertal, Germany

Masters degree in literature, philosophy and linguistics

Artistic education by german artists (1980-1985) and international artists

Have continuously studied and taken courses in watercolour painting over the past six years.

Have taken part in more than 20 solo and group exhibitions in Germany and abroad. UK, Italy, India…

Winner of Hahnemühle Calendar Competiton, 2017


A big thank you to Soha Khalil for organizing this year’s Urbino festival.  Looking forward to join everybody in Urbino .

Sabine Schindler -Marlow

Hong Kong:

ZeZe Lani


      Amit kapoor is a leading master of watercolor medium in India. He is a Vice President of International Watercolor Society (IWS), Founder of Watercolour Society of India. He did his Bachelor’s in Arts in 1998 & Masters in 2004. He has been recognized with top international honors for his paintings like Silver Star Award from NWS, USA and his art graces the walls of many private and corporate collectors. His exceptional drawing skills and extra ordinary abilities in art makes him proficient in any medium. His subjects include lot of compositional works where lovely play of light and shadow and prespectives are the main traits. He is also the co founder and Principal of Anitoons The School Of Art And Animation. He is guest lecturer in many prestigious Art colleges like College of Art, Delhi,  Apeejay Institute of Design, Jamia Millia Islamia (Mass Communication department), Meerabai  Institute of technology . He was also in the jury Panel of Jamia Millia Islamia (Mass Communication department), in the jury panel of Jaipur Animation Film Festival (JAFF). . Recently in 2013 he also launched his first book in watercolor medium “Amit kapoor LANDSCAPES IN WATERCOLOR. He is also a Curator of International Watercolor Society India Biennale, India.


          Soha Khalil is a wonderful person and a organizer. As a woman it's really difficult to organize and look after a big event. Now this is her third edition of Urbino event and I know that now she will take this event at different level. And I want to wish her a good luck.

     Amit Kapoor 




Praween Karmakar ( freelance artist) Representative of india ( fabriano -Award maxihand art awart italy 2016/ 2017-Top 20 artist award Nepal

Grand artist award Beangladesh-Best jury award Bangladesh
Best entry award camel art foundation
First award in professional J.S.C.A ranchi. Jharkhand pratibha samman in art jharkhand gov. Exhibition - italy. Bangladesh. Jordan.
Bulgaria. Thailand. Pakistan. Nepal. AIFACS. Camp.- lalikala academy. Bssr
Palash. Rainbow. Academy of fine art. Lalikala academy. Jaipur.kolkata.nepal.


Agus Budiyanto

Born in 1960, Agus Budiyanto has embraced the world of aquarelle for more than 40 years.  He always wanted his paintings to appear different from what is the common rule, both in terms of size as well as in the mastery of techniques.   He is also a poet.

Had 5 times awards from 1979-1983 as The Best Artist of South Jakarta and The Best Sketch from Jakarta Council of the Arts. A member of Indonesia Watercolor Society since 1998. In 2010 He launched his art book “AquarEvolution” in Nasional Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.

A Country Leader of the International Watercolor Society Indonesia since 2014. In the past he held 17 solo exhibitions and participated in more than 90 group exhibitions in Jakarta; Bali; Bandung; Korea; Taiwan; Japan; Contemporary Asian Art Fair Singapore; Shanghai; Biennale Internazionale Dell’ Arte Contemporanea Florence, Italia; Thessaloniki Watercolor Salon, Greece;  IWS Exhibition in Indonesia, Fabriano, Turkey, Albania,  India, Bulgaria, Hungaria, Thailand, Hong Kong, UAE, Kosovo, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam,  Mexico and Jurror of  2015 The International Watercolor  Society Competition, Turkey; Urbino in Aquarello 2017 & 2018.


Nader Mohazabnia-IWS Iran Country Head 

• Born in Isfahan- graduated of Art university in year of 2001

• Membership of Development Institute of Visual Arts, Association of Painters Artists, Museum of  contemporary Arts, Association of Academies of Visual Arts and Canada’s international Watercolor Society

• Achievement of title of honor “Hardship Award” from international Art and Architecture university of Mehran along with accomplishment of golden statue

• Achievement of title “Special Award” from international Festival of Bornova Turkey 2015, along with cash award and "Golden Brush "

 From Ghaziantep 2017

• Achievement of honorable title of the First Person in international biennial live Workshop Contests, India. New Delhi 2015 and Consolation Award 2017 

• Achievement of title “Great artist Award” of international Festival of Thailand Hua Hin 2016

• Achievement of title of the First Rank from Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry (Specialized Visual Arts Academy of Shourparvaz)

• Held more than 55 solo and group Exhibitions at home and abroad along with instructional Workshops and group Performances

• Obtaining the first ranking of 25 centuries of architectural competitions in UK's watercolor works and one of the honorary membership of the UK's royal watercolor academy


Sareh Mohebeianzadeh

Member of IWS Glob

Member of iws iran 

• Born in Iran, Bachelor of Computer

• Held more than 25 solo and group Exhibition

•Selected top 30 best artists in international watercolor society exhibition 2017 

•The selected person in IV Bienal International CAUDETE 2017 

• The selected Person in watercolor Exhibitions of Swiss, Italy (Fabriano and Urbino), Spain, Serbia, China , Bangladesh , Albania, Turkey, India, Ukraine, Hungary , Dubai ,Thailand, Bulgaria,  Hong Kong , Ecuador , Indonesia , Nepal , Kosovo ,Vietnam,  Portugal, Pakistan countries, etc.




We are very pleased to be participating in this big festival for the second time

We thank dear Soha Khalil for hosting this great festival

Nader Mohazabnia& Sareh Mohebianzadeh

Italy: Angelo Gorlini... Acquerello Scuola di Gorlini

La passione per l’acquerello e il desiderio di trasmetterla, il sogno e il suo

concretizzarsi: la mia scuola che fondai nel 1995, aperta a tutti coloro che vogliono

avvicinarsi a questa tecnica pittorica e a chi pur conoscendola vuole arricchirsi di

nuove esperienze.

Il critico d’arte, filosofo Umberto Gavinelli, purtroppo scomparso tragicamente la

definiva cosi : Per il tipo di rapporto con gli allievi e per la concezione del suo ruolo, più

che una scuola quello di Gorlini è un seminario. Sono sessioni di scambio e di

arricchimento reciproco, che si tengono più volte all’anno, in cui la tecnica del maestro

fa da riferimento. Gorlini è contro l’imposizione di schemi o di formule accademiche.

Egli suggerisce le soluzioni tecniche ma lascia molto spazio all’entusiasmo e

all’interpretazione di chi partecipa...


Soha Khalil : Prof.ssa of Arte at  IC Scipione Lapi- Art director of Festival UrbinoInAcquerello 

Rosalba Perucchini :Si è avvicinata alla pittura sin da piccola, grazie al padre ed agli zii, Nell'età matura ha scelto la tecnica dell'acquerello. Nel 1999 viene ammessa nell'Associazione Italiana Acquerellisti, fa parte del Consiglio Direttivo dal 2004 al 2008 e dal 2014 al 2016. Dal 2003 è volontaria presso l'Associazione UMAN.A di Milano, usando la tecnica dell'acquerello con i pazienti del Reparto Oncologia, come "arte terapia". Dal 2006 insegna l'acquerello ai bambini delle classi primarie con Progetti e Laboratori in Milano. 

Nel 2012 invitata dal Comune di Belgioioso (Pavia) ha presentato il progetto “Giocando con i colori” e nel mese di settembre con le amiche acquerelliste Emanuela Albertella, Alessandra Arecco e Elena Breda il progetto si trasferisce a Monterosso (La Spezia) dedicando una giornata ai bambini colpiti dall’alluvione con “Acqua e colori”. 

Dal 2015 al 2017 invitata dall’Associazione UrbinoInAcquerello coinvolge i bambini nella meravigliosa tecnica dell’acquerello con laboratori, trasferendo le magie dei colori e la libertà di interpretazione sulla carta osservando le bellezze che la natura ci offe. 

Ha partecipato a Mostre Internazionali: Llança/Dallas/S.Pietroburgo/Anversa/Segovia/Kazimierz_Dolny/Varna/Budapest/Bratislava A livello Nazionale partecipa con mostre collettive e personali ottenendo premi e consensi di critica e pubblico. -Iscritta alle Associazioni: Associazione Italiana Acquerellisti –

Famiglia Artistica Milanese – InArteFabriano



Chiayee Lam was born in 1973 in Pahang, Malaysia. She has exhibited her work in USA, Italy, China, Switzerland, Portugal, Slovakia, Kosovo, Albania, UAE, Hong Kong, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Malaysia since 1996.

Chiayee has won North East Watercolor Society Award of Excellence V in NEWS 41th Annual Exhibition in New York, Honorable Mention Award in China Lushan International Watercolor Festival and Honorable Artist Award in IWS Kosovo International Festival, Kosovo.


She was invited as an International Watercolor Demonstration Artist in Kosovo, Vietnam and Thailand, her work has been selected in '2017-2018 Lushan International Watercolor Festival World's Best Works Travel Exhibition'. Hanoi Museum of Vietnam has recently collected her work permanently.


Marco Boer (1973) from Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht makes watercolour paintings since 1997 and from then on he never stopped with this beautiful but technically difficult medium. He has a preference for an abstract reproduction of the real world. Characteristic is his use of a limited colour palette, he subsequently explores to the bone. To suggest and the art of omitting fit him like a glove. The note you do not play often sounds the most beautiful. Saying more with less words.


He has been exhibiting many times both nationally and internationally, as member of a group as well as an individual. He has won prices with his watercolours both home and abroad. His works are permanently displayed in the outdoor space of the municipality of Zwijndrecht and Hendrik-ido-Ambacht. These works are public art of both municipalities.

Marco is a member (master member) of the International Watercolor Society Globe (IWS) and IWS Holland. He is autodidact. He works on behalf of both individuals and companies. 



ALI ABBAS SYEDPresident IWS-Pakistan.

Founder;PWS.Pakistan Watercolor Society

Gold Medalist ; IIIrd International Watercolor Biennale 2014,Caudete,Spain

Winner,IIIrd International watercolor Biennle 2014 ,Belgrade, Serbia.

Great Master World Watercolor Artist Award 2016, HuaHin BluPort Watercolor Art Biennale 2016,Thailand.

Curator; PEARLS OF PEACE,!st International watercolor Biennale 2016,CEAD,MUET,Jamshoro Head; Department of Fine Art ,Centre of Excellence in Art & design ,MUET,Jamshoro.

He printed 13 Watercolor Books.

Ali Abbas is a leading Master in watercolour. He has taken part in the jury & workshops ,many group and has had 16 solo exhibitions on national and international levels.

Ali Abbas Syed currently Head/Teaches as professor department of fine arts, center of excellence in art & design, MUET, jamshoro , sindh, Pakistan


Laura Julia Carpio: ManriqueNata a : Lima – Perú29/01/1959Diploma di Operatore Servizi Sociali Mediatore Interculturale Presidente Ass. UnMondo Solidale

Dario Percy Ccallo:Studi realizzati: Scuola di Arte dell'Università Nazionale di San Agustín UNSA distinzioni:

1994- Primo Premio Acquerello Nazionale Alianza Francesa de Arequipa 1995 - Primo premio nazionale acquerello, Asociación Unamonos Arequipa

1999 - Menzione d'onore II Biennale d'acquerello ibero-americano Viña del Mar Valparaíso Chile- 2002 Premio alla Qualità per il Meglio dell'Arte e della Cultura IRIART & P. Istituto regionale di ricerca per l'amministrazione pubblica e privata

2005- Primo Premio Acquerello Nazionale, Paesaggio peruviano, Jhon Constable ICPB 2017 - Primo premio nazionale ad acquerello El Sol Del Sur Moquegua 2017 - Primo premio nazionale acquerello Teodoro Núñez Ureta Arequipa 2017- Guest of Honor 10 festival International Aquarelle, Aiguillon- Francia- Italy (curatore del festival internazionale UrbinoInAcquerello 2018, insieme Laura Carpio)



Natalia Studenkova was born in Kiev, Ukraine. Now she lives and works in Eastern Slovakia, in the town Košice.Her artistic career started at the State Secondary Artistic School of  T. G. Shevchenko in Kiev and continued studying at National University of  Technologies and Design in Kiev. She finished her study with Red Diploma. She is a member of Slovak Art Forum. A country head of International Watercolor Society Slovakia since 2016. The Organizer of  International Art Symposium INTER-ART-KOSICE, Kosice/Slovakia.


The Curator of International Watercolor Exhibition “The World of Watercolor” 2017, Hall of the Ministry of culture of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava.Her pictures blaze with richness of warm, bright colors. They are full of optimistic view of the world.The artist held 20 solo exhibitions in various cities of Slovakia and was also a participant of many international art festivals, plein air and biennale.

Personal exhibitions in the years 2012 - 2017:

Municipal Museum in Stropkov, Slovakia-Regional Museum in Humenne, Slovakia

District Museum in Presov, and also in cities Svidnik, Snina,-Bardejov, Kosice. Slovakia-Centers of the Ukrainian culture, Presov-General consulate of the Slovak Republic in Uzhgorod, Ukraine-Days of Ukraine - Kosice, Slovakia-Embassy of Ukraine in the Slovak Republic, Bratislava-Hall of the Ministry of culture of the Slovak Republic-Municipal Art Gallery F7, Bratislava




Spain: Isabel Alosete  & Teresa Jordá

Isabel Alosete (Madrid, 1952)
With a degree in Economics, in 1980 she started painting studies in the workshops of Mansanet and Sotomesa. From 1986 he practices the technique of watercolor with various masters, Ángel Galán and Julio Quesada, Rafael Requena, Justo San Felices, Pedro Cano, Martinez Lozano and other great watercolorists. Dedicated mainly to the technique of watercolor, he has made several solo exhibitions and participated in collective and watercolor symposia throughout Spain and in countries such as Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Morocco or Mexico. Member of the Spanish Association of Watercolorists (AEDA), of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, of the Association of Basque Watercolorists and of Andalusia, among others, plays an intense teaching role in watercolor in his workshop in Madrid and in various courses at the national level. His work has been acquired by various institutions and has been awarded numerous awards throughout his career




Li Chin, Taiwan professional watercolourist, she is the chairwoman of Taiwan World Watercolor Alliance(TWWA).
She held eight solo exhibition and often invited to participate in the international Exhibition of watercolour such as : Thailand International Watercolor Exhibition , Turkish International Watercolour Exhibition , Shanghai International Watercolour Exhibition , Indonesia Bali Watercolour Exhibition, Vietnam International Watercolour Exhibition …
Her painting "Peony" selected on the cover of Europe leading  Watercolour I Magazines "The Art of Watercolour "  March 2014, 
Her works are in the collections of  Art Center and many private  individual 



Victoria Grigorieva is a professional graphic artist based in Kiev, Ukraine.   After graduating from the National Art School in Kiev and then the Ukrainian National Academy of Arts and Architecture in 1997, Victoria served as Head Art Director for the Ukrainian women’s magazine Natali and, after, held the same title at The Women’s Magazine. Her works has been exhibited in a number of national and international exhibitions.Publication about Art on 2 pages in international edition: INTERNATIONAL WATERCOLOR ARTIST: HANDBOOK FOR ASPIRING ARTIST AND ART LOVERS” 
Edited by K Coralee Burch (Italy, USA); Artworks are saved in private collections in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Slovakia and USA.

Victoria’s works are marked with delicate sense of composition and color, high craftsmanship and complete possession of the watercolor technique.  Most of artworks are the result of various combinations of art techniques: wet over wet, dry paintbrush, washing with pastel and watercolor pencils using. Working in classical style, she also use the way A-La Prima. Victoria’s works are various in styles: landscapes, still lifes and very refined and emotional portraits. These works quickly take their place in modern space, and at the same time, they well complete interiors of social destination and private homes, executed in different styles.Teaching – is one more kind of Victoria’s talent.

Victoria presented her new project - the school of watercolor by Victoria Grigorieva Victory Art School. It was in Urbino with the support of the association held a personal exhibition of the Victoria and Exhibition of the school students!

Victoria finds special approach to pupils both on the private lessons and on the group master-classes and helps them to increase their level of craftsmanship.

It is a great honor for me to be the curator of the Ukrainian group at the International Watercolor Festival UrbinoInAcquerello. This international project is very important for the development of cultural traditions and interethnic achievements!

With great pleasure I want to introduce the Ukrainian group at the festival. Ukraine is famous for its very strong classical school of art and watercolors therefore presented at a high professional and artistic level. With a great pleasure I want to represent the People's Artist of Ukraine Natalia Nikolajchuk as a member of our delegation! The exposition is attended by works of both venerable professionals and young talented artists. I, as the curator of the Ukrainian group and the member of the UrbinoInAcquerello association, are very grateful to the organizers for the invitation and wonderful organization of the watercolor holiday in the unforgettable city Urbino! Thank you very much dear Soha Khalil, Direttore Artistico  and Il Presidente Antonio Ruggeri! I really hope that our watercolors will appeal to viewers and connoisseurs!)