"A cultural gift to humanity



12-14 MAY 2023


Title "A cultural gift to humanity"

 Duke Federico da Montefeltro, an expert in art, literature, mathematics and architecture, promoted a rational humanism based on the belief that the whole visible world can be traced back to the laws of mathematics and geometry; that's why he surrounds himself with illustrious mathematicians and artists to achieve high quality painting based on perspective and on the balance of artistic perfection.


The UrbinoInAcquerello Association, to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the birth of Duke Federico da Montefeltro, offers artists wishing to participate in the project to create works inspired by the theme "A cultural gift to humanity".

Each work can be a gift to spread the emotions, optimism, sustainability, simplicity, necessary for a rethinking of humanity.

The UrbinoInAcquerello Association believes that if we had the courage to really listen to the artists, we would avoid many of the tensions and crises that our planet has been experiencing for years, which is why it wants to create a communication strategy through storytelling and digital innovation.

The aims are to create a WUNDERKAMMER exhibition or the “Chamber of Wonders” and to create a high-quality catalog.

The Festival will take place in May 2023




1.  You can participate in the event with a single work of regular hexagonal format with the length of one side 30 cm, therefore all 6 sides must be 30 cm.

2.  The watercolor or mixed with watercolor technique must be used.

3.  The artist or the coordinator must send the photo of the painting by 20/01/2023. In a single folder via Wetransfer or drobox, in 300 dpi resolution, at the following address fotofestival2023@gmail.com

 The photo must be saved with the name and surname of the artist and the title of the work, also sending the passport photo of the artist saved with name and surname

4. The Association will create a virtual exhibition, which consists of a multimedia immersion, in a room in the historic center of the city of Urbino (Unesco Heritage). The festival will take place in May 2023. The inauguration of the same will coincide with that of the Children's Exhibition (Young Illustrator's Workshop).

5. Each artist must provide for the payment of a donation of € 85 by 20-01-2023. The payment of the donation must be made by bank transfer made out to UrbinoInAcquerello



6.  IBAN: IT53 J053 8768 7010 0004 2106 341

           BIC: BPMOIT22XXX


 Sender:  Name and Surname / Country / FESTIVAL2023 

or by Paypall: urbinofestival@gmail.com


Label format:  Name-Surname / Country / FESTIVAL2023. 

Each artist must send the photograph of the original work by 20.01.2023 which will be used for both the catalog and the exhibition.


7. The bank commission will be paid by the artist; the fee must be received net of expenses.

8. This liberal donation will be used to organize the program and the event of the UrbinoInAcquerello 2023 Festival, including the international multimedia exhibition, the catalog and the certificate of participation.


9. Artist can publish a preview (photos, videos or phases of work or research) to explain his concept or thought about his "illustrated gift to humanity", always inserting a hashtag #urbinoinacquerello in the social web .


10. The UrbinoInAcquerello Association reserves the right to use the images of the designs to create and optimize the posters or catalog covers or for any form of advertising for other events organized by the Association. Pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003, amended and supplemented by Legislative Decree 101/2008, the personal data provided by the participants will be collected and processed by the "UrbinoInAcquerello" Cultural Association for the sole purposes of organizational management. The person in charge of data processing and use is identified in the President of the Association.


11. The participating artist will be able to collect the catalog during the 2023 Festival by showing an identification document. For any request to ship the catalog, please contact the following address urbinoinacquerello@gmail.com  Shipping costs are charged to the recipient who will have to pay the current account of the UrbinoInAcquerello Association before shipping, relieving the Association from any inconvenience that may occur during shipping.


12. The payment of the liberal donation and the signing of the regulation of the UrbinoInAcquerello 2023 Festival "A cultural gift to humanity" (attached to this regulation) are fundamental requirements for the acceptance of the work.


13. The UrbinoInAcquerello Association has no working relationship with the Country Coordinators, but only a volunteer relationship for the organization of this event. Therefore, the UrbinoInAcquerello Association assumes no responsibility for the organizational management by the Coordinator of each country.


14. The official inauguration of the international exhibition Wunderkammer or the "Chamber of Wonders", which will be created with innovative / digital technologies, dedicated to Humanity, will take place on a day in May which will be communicated in good time and in conjunction with the initiatives organized with the schools participating in the project.


15. If the artist also intends to participate with the physical work and then send the original work, he must contact the country coordinator or the following email address: urbinoinacquerello@gmail.com  by 20.01.2023. The original work must be presented in the format as described in point 1; and must be delivered by 04.15.2023 to the address: Associazione UrbinoInAcquerello via del Fiancale n. 20 – 61029 Urbino (Pu) Italy.                      In this case, the UrbinoInAcquerello Association, while taking the utmost care and custody of the works received, declines all responsibility for any theft, fire or damage of any kind to the works or people, which may occur during the Festival and exhibition phases.

Shipping costs and customs duties are borne by the artist both for sending the work and for returning it. To avoid high customs duties, it is advisable to declare that the work has no commercial value, as the Association does not pay customs duties or additional shipping costs. The receipt of the returned works must take place in a single address agreed with the Country Coordinator, relieving the UrbinoInAcquerello Association from any liability arising from theft or damage to the works sent. On the other hand, for Italians, the collection of the work must take place in the city of Urbino after the exhibition.


16. For any information contact the following email address: urbinoinacquerello@gmail.com




Dott. Antonio Ruggeri