The Nonprofit Association "UrbinoInAcquerello" continues organizing a cultural event for the year 2018, the " Festival  of Aquarello " in Urbino, the hometown of Raffaello, which aims at quality, innovation and creativity. The event will be attended by Italian and Foreign Artists, the School of Gorlini, the students of the Art Institute and of the school.

The 2018 project is the realization of a BOOK CARD with the works of the artists participating in the International Exhibition.

The main points of the regulation are as follows:

1) Participation in the Urbino Acquerello 2018 event would be made exclusively through the Country Curator. See names in Annex A.

2) To be the Country Curator, must present 10 to 20 artists to participate. In case of a higher or lower number contact urgently by email the UrbinoInAcquerello Association

3) Each artist can participate in the event with only one work (25x35 cm vertical or horizontal) - free theme and watercolor technique.  

4) The works of foreign artists must arrive VIA the curator with the measure 25x35 cm without passepartout.  The UrbinoinAcquerello Association deals with support with the country's curator.

5) All artists must FILL IN form B of the Regulation by applying it to the back of the work.

6) The Country Curator deals with:

A- The groups registration payment by 24/12/2017. Deadline for participation in the Event 2018. Acceptance will follow the order of arrival - will be confirmed the date of registration of the payment. Payment can be made by bank transfer:

 Header: Cultural Association UrbinoInAcquerello

IBAN: IT08 Y031 1168 7010 0000 0020 768.     

 with the : Name of the Country Curator and number of members participating.

Payment can also be made through Paypall:

 with the: Name of the Country Curator and number of participants.
NOTICE: The Banking branch will be responsible to add charges to the artist for the transfer fee which will have to be deducted and added to the total cost of registration. IMPORTANT, THIS EXTRA payment is a fundamental requirement for the acceptance and subscription of the APPLICATION AND THE NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS.

B- To send photos of his team members by 24/12/2017 in a single folder via Wetransfer or drobox in 300 dpi resolution. Photos should be saved with the artist's name and surname with clarity, by attaching a complete list in a Words-format for the entire group with the name and surname and titles of each one of the participants work at

C- To send original works within one package by 15 February 2018,

 *enclosing attachment B, at the address:    

         Associazione UrbinoInAcquerello – Via del Fiancale n . 20 - 61029 Urbino – PU - ITALY

·             Relieving the UrbinoInAcquerello Association from any liability arising from theft or damage or delay of the works delivery.

D- Receiving Postdated Works and BOOK CARD. Shipping costs are borne by UrbinoInAcquerello Association in a single address agreed with the Country Curator by Relieving the UrbinoInAcquerello Association from any liability arising from theft or damage to the works sent.

NOTICE: UrbinoInAcquerello Association  does not bear Shipping charges for each individual/artist butonly bears shipping charges for one destination only which is the address of the curator

E- To communicate the number of artists to the Urbino Acquerello association by 5-12-2017 at

Registration for participation in the event is :80 Euro includes the International Exhibition, the BOOKCARD and certificate.

8) Works from abroad and shipped by the Country Curator must clearly indicate that  the works shipped  have no commercial value; the UrbinoInAcquerello Association does not remit customs duties or additional expense charges.

9) UrbinoInAcquerello Associazione, will assumes the utmost care and custody of the works received,  but declines any responsibility for any theft, fires or damage of any nature, work or people that may occur during the stages of the Festival and the exhibition. Individual artists are given the opportunity to take any kind of insurance against the damage their works might suffer. The insurance must be signed by the individual artist.

10) During the Festival the Country Curator or a delegate is invited to perform individual or group performances. The  participation  must be notified by 01.03.2018 via email:
11) All the works will be exhibited in Urbino "BOOK ART’S City" from 29 April 2018 to 13 May 2018. Official inauguration of the exhibition on April 30, 2018 at 17.00. From April 29 to May 2, all present artists will be invited to paint En Plein-air.

12) For any information from individual artists, please contact

                      Organizer: Urbino Watercolor Association Via Del Fiancale 20 - 61029 Urbino







Attachment   B

The undersigned ______________________________________________________ (name and surname)

No. of passport or other valid identification document____________________________________

born __________________________ city (______________________) _____________________ resident in _________________________ county (____________________)

Email: __________________________________



1. To deliver the work:


Year _______________

Watercolor technique

to the UrbinoInAcquerello Association, based in Urbino, via del Fiancale 20 Italy, to attend the UrbinoInAcquerello Festival and to the exhibition from April 30, 2018 to May 13, 2018


2. Having seen the "UrbinoInAcquarello 2018" Regulations and accepting it in its entirety.


3.RELIEVE the Urbino Watercolor Association from any liability inherent in the work being sent


Place and Date --------------------------------


Signature of Artist _________________________